Haul out the holly, put up the tree — welcome Hi-Fi Holidays 2020

2020. What a horrible nightmare. Let’s get it over with. Here’s some Christmas music to help you through the next few days of lockdown. As always, cheers and Merry Christmas to you.

Hi-Fi Holidays 2019 Cover

Please Christmas, don’t be late! Hi-Fi Holidays 2019 is finally here

I’m sharing Hi-Fi Holidays 2019 with you in what is likely the latest date I’ve shared an annual Christmas music compilation, ever.

Hi-Fi Holidays 2016 Cover

Roll out the yuletide barrels, welcome Hi-Fi Holidays 2016

It’s that wonderful time of the year again — another Hi-Fi Holidays, another blog post. Ironically, putting together this mix is actually easier than creaking out a few minuscule words. Seriously, there are 32 tracks here, most from the dustiest grooves you’ve ever seen…. Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Holidays 2015

Ding! Dong! Ooo-ahh! Hi-Fi Holidays 2015 now available

December 7 and I’m just getting this one out of the door… I’m still recovering from Halloween, so this one took a bit more time. 2015 marks the 10th volume of Hi-Fi Holidays, and the process is still a bit of a mad dash…. Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Holidays 2014

Tingle, jingle! Hi-Fi Holidays 2014 is here!

Conspire by the fire with the ninth annual Hi-Fi Holidays! This year’s compilation is a bit more on the mellow side — less whiz-banging wonkiness and more smooth, traditional sounds (“The Christmas Waltz” by Nancy Wilson) with a bit of the Tijuana (“God Rest Ye… Continue Reading