Hi-Fi Holidays 2015

Ding! Dong! Ooo-ahh! Hi-Fi Holidays 2015 now available

December 7 and I’m just getting this one out of the door… I’m still recovering from Halloween, so this one took a bit more time. 2015 marks the 10th volume of Hi-Fi Holidays, and the process is still a bit of a mad dash. From filthy thrift records to hours spent in front of the computer sifting through rough-sounding recordings, I do it all for your gushing adoration.

This year I’ve spent more time on the audio side of things — particularly making sure of a consistent audio level (not always easy when you’re dealing with stereo, mono, and kiddie 45rpm records — I know, I’m a hero.) Unfortunately, I recorded too many LPs over the year to fit selections from all of them here, which means there’s plenty of stuff left over for 2016. Until then, download and enjoy.

Download Hi-Fi Holidays 2015