Planet of the Apes - Evolution

Quickie: Planet of the Apes The Evolution Event Banner

Quick design bite – I put together this banner, to be printed at over 6 feet in length, for Creature Features to promote their Planet of the Apes The Evolution event in June. Here you get the super-miniature version. To get the full effect,… Continue Reading

Binbrook Redemption

We’re all moved into 92 Cleghorn. The move went smooth — 2 hour window for an elevator at Walden and we made it out. Pacing myself, organizing and prioritizing has been my major issue. Anna and I have pushed boxes mostly out of site and… Continue Reading

Hi-Fi Holidays 2011

Hi-Fi Holidays 2011

It’s time for my yearly blog update/Hi-Fi Holidays compilation! Seems like the only time I update this thing is to post about Hi-Fi. It’s a good thing I force everyone to download the compilation from here — major pageviews! Anyways, here it is. Download,… Continue Reading

92 Cleghorn

Tomorrow I finalize my purchase agreement on The Northbrook, elevation A in Binbrook, ON. Empire will dig the hole, build the house, I’ll move in and the rest will be history!