Oxygenmag.com was the second site I designed for relaunch for Robert Kennedy Publishing, and the design and framework would serve as a starting point for MuscleMag later that summer.

I designed full-featured landing pages, listing pages, article and slideshow views, blog listing, landing and single-blog entry pages, tons of modules, current and special issue pages. The job was huge!

The Oxygen editorial and art team really push density in the print mag, so that was obviously a goal with the website. The idea here would be to drill down into each graphic and add as much detail as possible. I employed a “peel” effect to elements, giving them a touch feeling — something RKP can do with it’s print entities, but lacking in the digital world.

The redesign helped energize the Oxygen team and renew their interest in the online brand. Some elements from the site even crept over to the mag, particularly the peeling highlights and shadows.

Special thanks to my team at RKP, Oxygen Editorial and Art teams for their support and hard work to launch this project.

X Bummer! Due to the bankruptcy of Robert Kennedy Publishing, I am no longer involved with the maintenance of this site, or responsible for the (unfortunate) changes in the design.