Binbrook Redemption

We’re all moved into 92 Cleghorn. The move went smooth — 2 hour window for an elevator at Walden and we made it out. Pacing myself, organizing and prioritizing has been my major issue. Anna and I have pushed boxes mostly out of site and are slowly knocking down rooms, one by one. None are actually finished, but taking shape.

My latest obsession is tracking down a bottle or two of Howard Restor-A-Finish. This product is harder to get in Canada than a Payday chocolate bar. I’ve stalked every Home Hardware in the vicinity (think Home Depot, but closet-size) and turned up nothing. My search ended with simply placing an order at a local HH, which also doubles as a feed mill. I love the country.

Observations in the first three weeks:

  • Leave light fixture installation (expensive light fixtures anyways) to professionals
  • I need to stop tip-toeing on the hardwood
  • A vacuum with a good motorized brush is essential for clean carpets
  • The “Hold” button on a thermostat probably means you’ll come home to a house set to 30 degress celsius (HOT)

In the coming weeks:

  1. Install Rubbermaid track shelving in office to display ridiculous amount of useless soundtrack CDs
  2. Find proper TV mount and install, so we can get our TV up on the wall
  3. Hack Ikea Besta Adal TV stands
  4. Organize tchtokes
  5. Kitchen cupboards — organize
  6. Basement
  7. Put together skids in basement to raise boxes
  8. Hang drapes in spare bedroom
  9. Separate clothes and get rid of them

… this list will never end

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  1. Hey Ryan:
    What a great start to your new blog!
    That picture of your house looks amazing…keep up the good work!